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(no subject) [Apr. 8th, 2005|05:48 pm]
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Does anyone know where i can find grey hair dye? i've looked all over the damn net and haven't found it. I did find proof of it existing in Japan, but i don't read japanese so i couldn't search their sites to find it online. :(
The only way i know to make my hair grey is to bleach it very light then rinse Feria blue black through it...but i don't want to have to buy a whole bottle just to use a dab of it and throw the rest away. :/
If anyone can offer any advice or knows where i can find grey hair dye, your help would be very much appreciated! :)

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a question for y'all ....... [Feb. 22nd, 2005|11:25 am]
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So I have invented a little thing that would allow you to turn any shirt into a bodysuit.

It would not be permanent, lasting only until you took the gizmo off again, and it would not damage your shirt.

It would be for layering -- shirt under overalls, shirt under sweater -- that is, for a smooth, hassle-free silhouette even in the deepest Chicago-type winter layering.

The "bodysuit" thus formed would snap open/shut at the crotch, as bodysuits do.

Would you be interested in such a gizmo? For five bucks, say? I'm not trying to sell it (yet!) but to ascertain interest. Any input is welcome and appreciated!!
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p.s. Do you think men/dudes would use such a thing, or only women/chix? Would it need to be modified for men?
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(no subject) [Jan. 28th, 2005|10:55 am]
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does anyone know how to do these hairwraps?
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well well, something fun! [Nov. 24th, 2004|05:09 pm]
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what's happenin people. my name is emily and i am a student paul mitchell the school. i already have my major in theatre from a school in california BUT i wanted to do something not so political and fun, so now i do hair and makeup which is pretty damn fun. i love learning new things about the whole fashion industry and this looked like a fun place to be, so here i am. i also noticed there's not much activiny goin on in here, so let's fix that mmmkkkay! alrighty then. later!
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(no subject) [Oct. 27th, 2004|04:21 pm]
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hey everyone! im new. i was looking for a community that had something to do with fashion because i go to a high school for hairdressing! This one seemed perfect ♥
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help please [Sep. 29th, 2004|08:32 pm]
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does anybody have any ideas for my hair...i want to try something new, but i have no ideas...
.i.wish.it.would.grow.Collapse )
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