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Welcome to a community for anyone with their foot in the fashion door. I first became interested in trends my junior year of high school. I began partying with a group of people who had a way about them that seemed so free, especially in the way they presented themselves to the rest of the world. My view of life was suddenly filled with colors and sounds I had never considered adopting before. I was introduced to new types of music and fashion that I didn’t even know existed and my life was better for it. Years latter I still try and find that spice. Open your eyes to see the vibrant environment around you. Expression is never limited, try something new…you may never be the same again and trust me it only keeps getting better.



The rules here are very simple and you will be fine if you don’t get a sudden urge to act like a jerk for no apparent reason. Common curtsies are basically all you need to adhere to. I am pretty tolerant of others, I just do not like to remind adults to play nice. So remember those fundamental regulations you learned in kindergarten and I am sure we will all get along excellently.


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